Why I Give Away Paid Info for Free!

         Every since I started selling coaching services online I’ve had several people tell me that I give away too much information for free. I’ve received messages from current and former coaches telling me about horror stories they have about “that time” they gave away too much for free and how it hurt them. Or, they tell me how they’ve been selling coaching for 20 plus years and that I’m “doing it wrong”. I understand and appreciate the fact that these people have my best interest in mind and they are looking out for my success. However, I think that they are WRONG!
Today, in the information age people are looking for transparency. They want to know exactly what they’re going to get before they purchase. They want to stream the new U2 album on iTunes BEFORE they buy it, and they will BUY it. Not everyone will buy it but the majority will, if it’s valuable. That’s the same strategy I use with my online content strategy. I give so much that some people feel obligated to purchase a coaching session from ne. I’ve had people tell me that they feel like they should write me a check after one of my Periscope broadcast (some do write checks). The point is, I give away free samples of my service like the Asian Chao gives away free samples of bourbon chicken at the food court in the mall because I know if it’s good enough you’ll buy it.


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  • Alveta Jackson

    Hello Tony, I could not agree with you more…I have always helped others starting at an early age. Jesus said because He received freely….freely He gave. And I just believe we shoulf do the same….everything is not about money, but what we do for the Kingdom. I’m a 22 year Veteran and the suicide numbers are way too high in there something that can be done homelessness is way too hot in there something that can be done I want to start with me. But I need help. Thank you for all you do…for everyone you touch! And I LOVE YOU ENERGY YOU PUMP ME UP! BLESSINGS and thank you.

    • tony@tonyrsanders.com

      Alveta! Thanks for commenting! There are a lot of issues in the world that we could solve if we were more giving. I also believe that you’ll always have what you want if you help enough people get what they want! I learned that from Zig Ziglar! Blessings!

  • Carol Kiemle

    Tony I am so impressed with your post. I believe you earn respect most who are successful with longevity have earned respect from their clients. That starts with integrity within. I appreciate your comment about your information being good people will engage further, so true. You gain credibility also and you attract what you are. I appreciate your transparency and honesty and I believe you can only have lasting success when those around you can respect you and feel respected. Thank you for being an example of healthy leadership.

    • tony@tonyrsanders.com

      Carol, thanks for commenting and I appreciate the kind words! I’ve found out that the more value you provide to a community the more successful you become! We have to think about service and value first and then monetization and everything else second!