Why the Best Sellers Are Artist Not Scientists

Why the Best Sellers Are Artist Not Scientists

Sales is not science, it’s art. I often say this while training or coaching salesman or sales managers. Sometimes a salesman will come to me and say, “Hey, I tried that technique that you gave me and it didn’t work”. 

I respond the way I always respond, “Really? That’s not good. Tell me, how many times did you try it?” 

No matter who I ask the answer is almost always the same, once. I go on to explain to them that Sales doesn’t work that way, because it’s art not science. 

Science is gravity. It’s simple, what goes up must come down. There’s no nuance in that statement. Sales, on the other hand, is full of nuance. It’s full of variables that could completely change the approach and the outcome of the interaction. Sales is fluid, it’s more of a dance than a stone cold process. 

I’m aware that your marketing team or leadership team will disagree with this article. To them, the numbers tell the story. X amount of calls leads to X amount of contacts which leads to X amount of pitches which leads to X amount of dollars in the company’s pocket. I get it. However, just because there are numbers involved doesn’t mean that it’s not still an art. 

Art, like sales, can be influenced, changed, improved upon, personalized, and customized. Science can not. There are a few hard rules where it comes to sales. There are some things that you should never do. But, outside of those things, however you choose to paint your canvas is up to you.