What’s Your Motivation?



I’ll be honest with you, sales is a rough game. The art of closing deals is not for everybody. Of course everyone loves to celebrate when the deal is closed. But what about when you’ve gotten kicked in the teeth all week and you’re not going to make your quota? What about the times where you only made shortfall pay (minimum wage) or you walked into work with a bunch of “chargebacks” waiting for you? My point is this, sales is not as glamorous as some would have you think.

The toughest part about working in sales is not knowledge it’s execution. How you execute can be impacted by many different things. How your last conversation with your spouse or significant other went. The pressure of due dates coming up. Having more month than money. And unfortunately, being distracted by the latest snap, post or stream on social media. One thing is for sure, you’ll get knocked down a lot in sales. Those who win learn how to recover and recover quickly.

“The toughest part about working in sales is not knowledge it’s execution.”

When you get the wind knocked out of you physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally it’s important to know what works for you when it comes to recovering. You can watch thousands of hours of YouTube videos or listen to hundreds of audiobooks. You can visit every seminar and take every online course you can find but the only thing a “guru” can tell you is what worked for them. Or, maybe what worked for a friend of theirs or some guy they met once. While these ideas may give you an indicator of where to look for your solution it won’t solve the problem for you. It is up to you find out what motivates you and keep it close at all times. People are often shock how monotonous and mundane sustainable success can be. It is often finding the right formula and executing it over and over and over and over and I think you get the point.