What Axel Foley Taught Us About Sales!

What Axel Foley Taught Us About Sales


I distinctly remember watching Beverly Hills Cop with my dad growing up. To this day this is still one of my favorite movies. I love the part when Eddie Murphy’s character Axle Foley was breaking into an apartment without a warrant (Really high class police work). He used his aluminum foil gum wrapper to trick the alarm system into thinking that the window wasn’t open when it was.

Side note: That little gum wrapper trick doesn’t work. I know from experience but not the type of experience you’re thinking!

He slipped into the window and started to check every square foot of this apartment. What was he looking for? I’m glad you asked. He was looking for any clues or hints that would validate his hunch. After all, you can’t be a great movie cop in the 80’s without a hunch.

I wish all sales people were as diligent as Axle Foley. I don’t mean breaking into prospects homes in order to close more deals. What I mean is taking the time to look for clues and evidence that validates their instincts. Most sales people have great detective like hunches. I think that’s GREAT! However, most sales people also act on those instincts without taking the time to gather the evidence to back it up. You can’t sell on instincts alone, you have to prove your assumptions!

Gathering intelligence is a real part of the sales process and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, I would argue against anyone that it’s the most important part of the sales process. Even if you think you know what your prospect will say you should still give them a chance to say it!

If it’s one thing that we can all learn from Axle Foley it’s doing whatever it takes to gather the intelligence we need to problem solve. Rather that’s selling used cars, selling homes, online coaching or finding out who killed your childhood friend Mikey Tandino, gather as much information as you can and prove your instincts right!