The Valuable Truth About the “Always Be Closing” Phrase

Real salesman carry a pen. I was taught this lesson very early into my sales career. The point of the saying was that if you are a salesman you should expect sell and be prepared to sell. Could you imagine a customer saying, “okay, I’m ready to sign up” and you respond with “I’m sorry, I don’t have a pen. Could I use yours?” This might not lose you the deal but it could lead to your new customer doubting your professionalism, your preparedness and maybe even your ability to handle the account. See, closing the sale doesn’t start when you ask for the sale. It starts at home before you even hit your territory or your phone at your desk. It starts the night before in how you mentally prepare for the day. It starts with a good night rest so that you wake up feeling energized and ready to go. It starts with how you dress, how you’re groomed and how you carry yourself. 

The phrase Always Be Closing is more than a catchy movie phrase or a funny joke between you and your office buddies. It’s a mentality that you should carry with you every second of every day.