The Scary Truth About Why You Don’t Sell Upgrades

The vast majority of sales people don’t sell upgrades to their customers. In fact, whenever I ask a sales person how many upgrades have they sold in the past week, month or quarter they normally respond with a “are you kidding me” type of look. The thought of selling an upgrade rarely cross their minds.

Why is this the case? Well, most sales people are only concerned with securing the base sell and that’s it. The truth is, in the back of their mind they’re already expecting the customer to say no. They’re selling with FUD. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. They are almost always so nervous that they will hear a no that when the customer says yes they begin running scared to complete the sale and move on. It’s almost as if they think they’ve just stolen a sale and they want to get the interaction over with before the customer realizes the heist that has taken place. 

I’d like to take the time to shift your mindset around this subject. After all, what is there to be fearful about? The customer has already said yes and has agreed to do business with your organization. I know you’re thinking “But what if I pitch them an upgrade and they cancel the whole deal?” This rarely, if ever actually happens. Imagine this, you ask a guy or a girl on a dinner date and they agree. You sit down to begin dinner and you ask them if they would like to stay for desert. They become so upset that they storm out of the restaurant without even ordering a drink or having an appetizer. You sit there, crying with your face in your palms thinking about how you’ve made the biggest mistake of your dating career. 

Is it just me or does that sound ridiculous to you too? As ridiculous as this sounds, this is what I normally hear from sales people who don’t want to sell upgrades. The deal is not going to fall apart because you offer an upgrade or an additional product or service. Have you ever cancelled your order at McDonald’s because they offered you two apple pies for a dollar? Have you ever not gotten your car washed because they over you the deluxe wash? I don’t think so. Here’s a tip: selling an upgrade doesn’t have to be an aggressive pitch. It could just be a take or leave it style offering. There are many tips, tactics and techniques to selling upgrades, but simply asking will get you 80% of the way there!


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