The Party House


I used to think our house was the party house.

You could barely hear the bubbling of the pot on the stove over the music that was playing on the radio in the back room. The curtains over the windows moved as if they were seductively dancing with the wind. A knock would occur at the door, another, and then another. My mother greeted people with smiles and hugs as they piled into our small three bedroom home. Some of the faces looked familiar to me and others were new. They would all grab chairs and sit around the living room laughing and talking. I noticed they all were passing around these plastic containers. I wasn’t sure what they were, but it looked like the same containers my mom would use for leftovers. After a few hours they would all leave and it would be time to clean up and go to bed.

A few weeks later at my grandparent’s house I heard someone ask my mother how her Tupperware sales were going. “Tupperware? What’s Tupperware?” I thought. She began talking about how she would sell a lot of containers by simply inviting people to our house and showing them the containers. That’s when it hit me! My mother wasn’t just a great cook and hostess, she was also a great salesman!

I was shocked that so many people were happy and excited to spend their money. What was even more shocking is that some of the people came back multiple times! I mean, how much Tupperware did they need?

This taught me a lot about business and sales. This let me know that it’s not only possible to make money in sales, but it’s also possible to make people happy in the process. Not only is this possible, it’s the goal. The goal is for your business to be the party house! Turn on the music, heat up the food, let a cool breeze in and open for business!

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