The Lost Art of Selling

The business owner who hires an accountant but can’t count will soon be out of business.

What was once a way for men to survive is now one of man’s favorite past times; fishing. Fishing is a sport of knowledge, patience, practice, skill and technique. Now that it’s no longer the sole means of survival for most humans it has been glamorized and in some cases even celebritized. It has become less about catching tonight’s dinner and more about the scenery on the lake, the power of your boat, the sponsors on your back or the brand name of rod and reel you use. 

What’s worse, in a world where previously you had to fish to survive, today most people don’t know how to fish. When they hear “catch of the day”, the immediately think of their local seafood restaurant where the fish is caught, prepared, cooked and delivered to them while they sit and wait.

The same can be said today about being an entrepreneur. The skill of prospecting, generating leads, following up, booking appointments, handling objections and whatever else it takes to make a sale is a lost art. When independent commerce and trade was the only way to make a living you had to be very proficient at selling and generating leads. The quote, “If you don’t sell you don’t eat” wasn’t just a cliche, rather a fact of life. 

Most entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs, have neither skill nor desire to find and generate leads for their business. Much like the patrons of a seafood restaurant they’d much rather pay someone else to find, catch and prepare leads for them to eat from instead of doing the work themselves. While this may seem like a good idea initially, I would think that your business and your profit margins would beg to differ. The business owner who hires an accountant but can’t count will soon be out of business.