The Greatest Lies in Sales Part 1

Lie: Cold Calling is Dead

Truth: Too cold call or not to cold call? That is the question. Or is it? Depending on what expert you subscribe to the advice of if cold calling is dead or not may vary. Here’s my take on the debate. If you were to ask your Doctor or a Nutritionist or a Dietitian the best type of diet they would tell you a “balanced diet”. Sure, you can lose weight completely cutting carbs or not eating meat. But is that the healthiest option? No, it isn’t. The same applies for selling. You need a healthy diet of prospecting strategies and techniques to have sustainable results that can be maintained over long periods of times.

Lie: Sales is too “up and down”

Truth: I’ve had several people tell me they could never do sales because they can’t handle the big fluctuations in pay. They tell me, “my uncle worked in sales and one week he’d live like a king and the next week he’d be borrowing money!” The first thing I do is check to see if the uncle has any known drug or gambling problems. Then I inform them of the possibility that their uncle could have sucked at selling. Sorry Unc. One of the greatest things about selling is that your efforts control your income. The worst thing about selling is that your efforts control your income. A consistent effort and process will yield consistent results.

Lie: I’m just not a salesperson

Truth: Salespeople don’t just fall out of the sky fully equipped with closing questions a winning smile and a firm handshake. Great salespeople are trained not born. With that being said, having the desire to be a great salesperson is more than half the battle. If you have the desire to be great and the discipline to train you will be great. End of discussion.