The Surprise And Delight Sales Method

As human beings we are habitual creatures. We can adapt and create habits within almost any environment. When it comes to sales and marketing, this habitual nature makes it harder to capture your prospects’ attention. That’s where the surprise and delight technique comes into play. Figure out how to surprise (interrupt their patterns and hack their attention) and delight (overwhelm them with kindness and a personal touch) your prospect.

Why Leads Go Cold

Now that I’ve given you the high level, theoretical religion aspect of the strategy let’s talk tactics. Let’s imagine that you have a prospect that is qualified for your product or service but has stop responding to your calls and emails. This happens at some point to every salesperson. This can happen for a number of reasons but based on my experience there’s only two reasons this would happen.
1.) You haven’t gotten their attention yet
2.) You’ve lost their attention due to other priorities
No matter which one it is, it all boils down to attention. Attention is the number one currency for any sales person or entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter how great your product is or how slick your sales pitch is, it won’t matter if you don’t have their attention.

How To Hack Attention

Now the question becomes, “how do I get their attention?” Hacking is simple when you’re paying attention and begin to understand how attention works. A recent example of this is LinkedIn and it’s new video product. It’s an immediate pattern interruption because the user is not accustomed to seeing native video within the app. I created a video series specifically for this reason! Since the creation of my video series on LinkedIn I’ve had 4 meetings and one new sales client simply because I captured their attention by interrupting their behavior.

Surprise and Delight

That’s just one example of how this could work. Another example would be a real life example I walked through with a client a couple of days ago. I told her that if I ever had trouble getting her attention that I knew exactly what to do to get her attention. When she showed genuine curiosity I let her in on my surprise and delight strategy. I let her know that I would contact Hannah (her hair stylist) and pay for her next trip to the salon, accompanied with a card stating “I know how important your brand is to you and that’s why I want to work with you. Enjoy this hairstyle and we will catch up soon. :)” This is classic surprise and delight. It took a total of about 5 minutes on Twitter to find out what she valued, who she communicated with and what I needed to do to capture her attention.

Zig And Zag

Sending another email or another untimely call or another envelope in the mail just wasn’t going to cut it. Even if I would have gotten her attention it would not have had the impact that the surprise and delight method would garner. How does this apply to your business? What does prospect value? How can you surprise and delight? If you can learn to ZIG when everyone else ZAGS you will always standout from the crowd.