Story Selling

Story Selling

How to sell more effectively through story

No matter what product or service you’re selling there’s a story your ideal customer is telling themselves about how they can benefit from what you have. For example: A bus rider may tell themselves that they would have a better quality of life if they had a car. Based on that story they’re already sold.

So what determines who they choose to solve their problem? Well, that’s a complicated question that I’ll try to answer as simply as I can.

First, they need to know that the suppliers exist, marketing. Then they need to be moved enough to act on that knowledge, ad creative. Lastly, they need to be “sold” by someone who understands their story.

That last piece is MAJOR. You can have a great marketing campaign, a great ad creative but if you drop the ball on understanding their story you will lose. Once you understand the story of your potential customers and then learn to sell to that story you will win. Become storysellers!