Purpose Doesn’t Need Permission

Purpose Doesn't Need Permission
“And they immediately left their ship and their father, and followed him.”  – Matthew 4:22
One of my favorite stories of all time is the story of Jesus gathering the disciples. 
Side note: Before you bail I want to tell you that this is not an article to convert you to Christianity. This isn’t an overly religious post with an altar call and offering plate. However, I am a Christian and my faith is evident in all the work I do. 
As the stories goes, Jesus approached Peter and Andrew and James and John and asked them to follow him on his journey. All four of them dropped what they were doing and immediately followed Jesus. That part gets me every time. There’s something about the word “immediately” in this context gives me chills. 
How many things do you do immediately? How many time do you hit snooze before waking up? My point is this, these guys knew immediately that it was time to follow their destiny. They didn’t have all the details. They didn’t have all the answers. They didn’t have it all figured out. But, they did have purpose. 
When you have purpose, action is the only option. When you have purpose procrastination is just a word in the dictionary. The best part of it all: they didn’t need or ask for permission. They just did it. Purpose doesn’t need permission. Action is all that’s required.