The Promise System: Where All Entrepreneurs Should Start

The Promise System: Where All Entrepreneurs Should Start


The Promise System: Where All Entrepreneurs Should Start

I remember when I first decided to start a business. I was so excited, so full of energy that I immediately jumped into action. I begin going door to door pitching my product to everyone who wanted to listen, and even a few who didn’t want to listen. It wasn’t long before I sold my first account. I was so excited! The rush that you get from closing a deal is so intoxicating and addicting. There was only one problem with what I had done, I had no idea how I was going to fulfill the promises I just made!

When I decided start a business, like most entrepreneurs I started with what I was good at, selling. I knew that no matter what I could sell. I loved to sell and when I decided to start that’s all I could think of. I often daydreamed about going from business to business pitching my product. I’d even dream about getting rejected and how I would bounce back to close the next sell. It was great that I had this skill and the passion to match it. But, building a business is much more than selling.

My first account only lasted about 6 months. I was heartbroken then but now, I completely understand! I was a terrible entrepreneur! I had good ideas, great intentions but I did a poor job in backing up my big talk with even bigger words. I wish I could tell you that I stopped selling until I could figure out how to fix my shortcomings but that’s just not true. The sales monster inside of me was alive and hungry and he had to eat. At that time in my life I thought I could outsell my stupidity. Life has determined that, that was a lie (Maury Povich voice).

What life has taught me was that in order to do something right and consistently you must be intentional about it and also create a system that helps you operate. The system is basic, but effective. I call it the promise system. It’s built on the idea that being in business is all about building relationships with people. And, in order to build relationships with people you must make and keep promises consistently.

Step 1: What will your business promise?

Before you do anything you have to determine what your business will offer to the market place. Keep it simple at first and don’t worry about how your promise will be different from others just yet. Simply focus on the need you plan to fulfill for your customers.

Step 2: How will you fulfill your promises?

After you know what you’re promising, it’s best to then design how you’re going to deliver on those promises. What are the logistics of your offering? How much manpower will it take to get the job done? What does every step of your on boarding process look like? What type of customer experience do you aim to provide? All these questions should be answered prior to you ever interacting with a customer.

Step 3: Who will you make your promises to?

Finally, it’s time for sales and marketing. Understanding who you will make your promises to is important. Knowing who is already interested in your promise is critical. Is there a market already established for people who needs you want to fulfill? What solutions are they currently using? What other problems are they facing that they might not be aware of? Where do they spend their time? The questions are endless! This portion of the promise system is a test and measure system and will take time to get it exactly right. But, once it is exactly right, you’re business will be ready and prepared to be a success!


I plan to turn this blog post into a book (maybe an e-book or bigger). So, your feedback is critical. Respond to this email or comment and let me know your sincerest thoughts and opinions!