Please Don’t Move My Mountain

When I was a kid my favorite video game was Sonic the Hedgehog (Mario works too for this story). While playing Sonic, each level of the game came complete with its own obstacles, it’s own challengers, traps and hurdles. One frustrating but also helpful thing about this game is that you couldn’t pass on to the next level until you passed the current one. And, the skills that you learned on the current level would also be used on the next level.

I find that life lessons are the same way. When a trap comes or a hurdle or an obstacle, we often look for ways to get around them without actually having to deal with them. We also do this with our children. We move mountains for them instead of showing them how to climb. This may seem like a great idea in the short term but long term it’s damaging us. We are losing out on knowledge, experience and strength.

The next time you see a mountain standing in front of you, or Mr Robotnic to continue the Sonic analogy, face it head on. There will be many things to gain from that struggle.