My First Hustle

We all started somewhere. For me it was selling candy in school. Yes, before I sold sales training or staffing services, vacations, cars or advertising space I sold artificially flavored pieces of sugar.
It was like a game for me. My mom would take me to a store on the south side of Indy called Dinner Bell.
Dinner BellIMG_1058
Dinner Bell sold penny candy in bulk. We would go there and I would take my allowance and buy as many multi colored Frooties and Chews I could and then I would break them down to $1.00 and $.50 bags. This would allow me to nearly triple my initial investment! Business was great, until a few of my teachers started to interfere. 
My first period teacher pulled me aside and told me that he thought me selling candy was becoming a distraction and that I could no longer sell in his classroom. Actually, he was right. All too often people would tap me on the shoulder right when he was explain dangling prepositions for the third time and we’d both miss the information. My second period teacher decided to follow suit as well. Although I was sad about the lost opportunities I wasn’t bothered that much. See, not that many people bought cabdy before lunch. Only the ones who couldn’t live without out it and they’d buy it anytime and any place. 
After lunch during third period my teacher called me up to her desk. This was beginning to be all too familiar. She asked if I could stop selling candy in class because it was becoming a distraction. I knew I had to do something. Third period was always my most profitable time of day.
I turned and asked my teacher what type of candy she liked. Instead of answering me she asked why I wanted to know. I told her that I thought if I brought her favorite type of candy everyday she would allow me 5 minutes at the beginning of class to sell. After a little back and forth we agreed on 2 minutes and the hustle continued.