Is The CEO of Your Company Still Partying Like It’s 2007?

Brand recognition, public customer service, display of consumer experience, free marketing, direct to consumer advertising, direct to consumer sales, high conversion rates at low cost, social listening. Those are just a few benefits of social media marketing and online marketing in 2017.

As business owners, CEO’s, CMO’s and CFO’s you understand that’s it’s always important to innovate new strategies and adjust old strategies to continue to drive revenue in an ever changing environment. Consumer behavior, and human behavior for that matter, has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Just a decade ago cell phone carriers were still charging for text messages and these things we use to call “minutes”. Answering the phone and saying “I’ll call you back after 7pm when my minutes are free” was a common occurrence. Some of us were still making collect calls to leave a message.


Today, an estimated 6 billion people have cell phones, most carriers have unlimited data plans, and cell phones are the new human appendage. Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram consume more than 10 percent of our day and a large portion of our entertainment comes from news feeds and online videos.

What this means for your business and your brand is that there are major benefits to having a great online and mobile web presence. If your business doesn’t have an Instagram account or a Twitter account or a Facebook account, I’m afraid you have fallen behind the times. You are losing out on daily branding opportunities, potential customers, good press and publicity, and powerful business development possibilities and so much more.

It literally costs nothing outside of your time to open up an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. You also don’t need a ton of money to have successful marketing campaigns on these platforms either. Besides, there are probably plenty of places you’re throwing dollars at that don’t have the return or even the measurement of how good or bad the return is than the available online tools, like TV and radio ads.

In 2017 it’s time to get with and shift you’re attention online. The internet and social media is not a fad. It’s simply the begging of our new normal.


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