I Promise to Always…

I Promise to Always…

Humans complicate things. I don’t know why this is but a lot of times WE make things harder than they have to be.

Take branding for example. I feel that way too many people spend valuable time trying to find the right brand colors or the right company name. They want to be the next “Google” or “Nike” but what they don’t realize is that Google and Nike would be great brands under different names. Apple wasn’t APPLE until it was.

The point I’m making is branding is not all about colors and logos and names. It simply about a reputation. It’s about how well you deliver on your promises. The brands who deliver, or better yet, over deliver on their promises are the best brands in the world. This simple strategy allows them to build trust, loyalty and community.

To sum it up, if you want to have a great brand do these two things:
1.) Make promises
2.) Deliver

It’s that simple.

Happy Tuesday!