How to Hit Your Sales Quota This Week

3 simple tips that will help you hit your quota this week!

  1. Write It Down: This might sound weird to you and maybe even hypocritical of me to tell you this while writing this on my iPhone but you need to write your goals down on paper! Goals become more real when you write them down in your own handwriting. It’s almost as if you are striking a written contract with yourself to achieve your goal by a specific date. Trust me, writing it down makes a difference!
  2. Make it Visible: I keep my goals posted with a sticky note that is currently stuck to my bathroom mirror. Every morning when I go to wash my face, brush my teeth and shave my bald head (stop laughing) I see them. Every night they serve as a visual reminder that I need to have a great nights rest in order to achieve my goals the next day. Keeping your goals visible makes it easy to stay focused on what you want to do and when you need to get it done!
  3. Say it Loud: Saying your goals out loud is very important to your success. Seeing it written is one thing but, saying is something else. When you say it out loud you’re almost forced to believe it. If we are making goals that challenge us they should be a little scary. Saying them out loud will help you gain the confidence that you can and will get them done!

If we are making goals that challenge us they should be a little scary. Click To Tweet

If you do all these three things you will achieve your sales quota for the week! With these three methods you have activated three different learning styles that are sure to excite your brain! You’ve activated the kinesthetic side by taking action and writing it down. You’ve activated the visual side by making sure you see your goal multiple times a day. You’ve activated the auditory side by hearing yourself state your goal like an affirmation. If you can do these things, you’ll be closing more deals in no time!