How to Allow Your Passion to Fuel Your Business

“We ain’t got money honey but we got love…”. That sounds like a country song. That also sounds like most entrepreneurs when they first start their business. In the early days of your business it is very likely that you won’t have money streaming in while you sleep. I don’t care what that Instagram post says, making money as an entrepreneur is hard work and it takes time. This is something you have to be prepared for if you wish to start a business. You have to be prepared to not be profitable, or even break even for months or maybe even years! How do entrepreneurs do this? It’s a high octane fuel driving them called passion. Passion is the key to having a successful business. There are many ways that a lack of passion can kill a business but I’d rather talk about how to put you in a position to allow your passion to fuel your business.

1.) Only start a business around something you love

Although the newest MLM program seems to be a real money maker are you really that passionate about organic, fat free, gluten free miracle weight loss juices? If you are, that’s great! Proceed with passion! If not, proceed with caution! Or, how about you just don’t proceed at all. Building a business is no easy feat. There will be a lot of sacrifices that will be necessary to win. The bigger those sacrifices become the less likely you will be to make them if you’re not passionate about what you do.

2.) Fall in love with the process

I love closing deals! I really do! I also love helping others close deals. What I love the most is the process that leads up to closing a deal. Prospecting (yes, prospecting), networking, being curious and gathering intelligence, building, pitching, hearing no, flipping objections the whole thing. I’ve become very romantic about the entire process because it keeps me focused on the details and the task at hand. I’ve even learned to love the chaos that can sometime be involved with running a business. I know each step is necessary and I know each step gets me closer to my goals.

3.) Measure your success by happiness

If you’re measuring your success by how much money you’re making you’re most likely setting yourself up for failure. No matter how much money you make the “need” for more will always be there. A bigger house, a faster car, the newest edition etc. People that fill like a dollar amount will make them successful normally quit early on in their business (because the profits just aren’t there) or they feel unfulfilled when they do hit their number. Sure, money is a great indicator to what you’ve been able to accomplish but it shouldn’t be the end all. Measure your success by how happy you are doing what you love and work that matters. Measure success by your ability and freedom to do what you want to do with your time.

Following these tips will effect every area of your business. Including your mission, your goals, the way you market and advertise, the way you sell and service your customers. The great news is, it will all be fueled by your passion! If you plan to be in business 5 years, 10 years or 30 years from now, passion is the only place to start!


  • Tony R Sanders

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