How Much Can You Withdraw From A Bank Account?

How much money can you withdraw from a bank account?

I’ll give you the answer to that riddle later.

When I talk to organizations about their sales force I often ask them about what their biggest struggle or area of opportunity is. The most popular answer I receive is handling customer objections.

The reason why this is always a challenge is because most prospects, or potential customers generally don’t just say “no”. If you work in sales you have probably heard a lot of “Thanks for the information. I’ll call you back” or “let me check with my spouse or my business partner and I’ll get back with you”. If you don’t work in sales maybe you’ve even used these lines or something similar to get yourself out of purchasing something.

The problem with overcoming these type of objections is that they are not really objections at all. They’re smoke screens, meaning the customer is using those statements to mask or hide what they’re really thinking.

Why would the customer hold back that information? Well, that brings me back to my riddle. How much money can you withdraw from a bank account? The correct answer is: however much you put into it.

When you ask the customer to buy your product or service you are making a withdraw from the sales interaction. If you haven’t deposited anything or very little into the interaction then you’re guaranteed to get nothing or very little back. Just like your bank account.

If you want more from the customer, you have to give more. Most objections can be overcome or even avoided if you take the time in the beginning to make meaningful deposits into the interaction.