Even Grandma Is Doing It!

Do you remember saying as a kid, “but mom, everybody else is doing it!” That didn’t work as a kid trying to go to the house party or the football game or the skating rink, but that logic works today when it comes to business.

There’s a simple formula to business success online. The formula is Great Product/Service + Targeted Audience + Visibility = Success. Don’t confuse simple and easy! The point is, you need to get your product in front of the right people as often as possible!

Consider this, 62% of the ENTIRE ADULT POPULATION is using Facebook! That’s right, even your grandma! 👵🏽 If you don’t currently have a business page for your business, you’re missing out big time!

With tools like Power Editor, Facebook Insights, Interests based campaigns and more Facebook has established itself as the online entrepreneurs best friend.

Create a Facebook business page TODAY! To quote the great Shia Leabouf “Just DO IT!!!!” If you need help or not sure if this is the right move for your business, email me at tony@tonyrsanders.com Let’s talk!