Buyers ARE NOT Liars!

Buyers Are Liars

If you’ve worked in sales for any period of time you’ve probably heard the phrase “Buyers are liars”. For those of you not in the know, this is a phrase that salespeople say to themselves and others as a form of encouragement. It’s another way of saying “hey, don’t give up on that sale”. Sales is full of these types of phrases. Another one of my favorites is “there’s a sale on every interaction. They either sell you or you sell them.” Again, this is not a battle cry for salespeople to be pushy and force customers into buying things they don’t need. This is simply saying be resilient and don’t give up on the person you are attempting to help.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

What I’ve come to learn over the years is that while the phrase “Buyers are liars” might be good for the salesperson’s mindset, it’s not exactly accurate. When a prospect walks into your store or dealership and says “I don’t need help, I’m just looking around”, what they are really saying is “I don’t want you to sell me anything”. When a prospect says “your price is too high”, they are really saying “what you’re selling is not valuable enough to cost that much.” As a salesperson your ability to translate and clarify these coded customer colloquialisms can mean the difference between closing deals and losing deals on a daily basis.

The #1 Sales Skill

This is the primary reason why I always say listening is the number one sales skill. It’s not only about listening to the words, the pitch, the pace and body language. It’s also about how well you can interpret what you hear. When you become a skilled listener you understand that when a prospect says “let me think about it and call you back”, they really mean “this isn’t going to work for me so let me stop wasting my time.” It turns out that buyers are NOT liars. They are nice people who don’t want to hurt your feelings.