Better Competition

Better Competition

Are you good or good enough?

My eighth grade coach, a former NBA and collegiate player, was very demanding of us. Him being the ultimate competitor and also playing with and against the likes of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would always demand our very best.

Throughout an undefeated season that ended with a middle school championship he always had one complaint. His complaint was that we played down to the level of our competition. There was a drastic difference in how we played against the best teams and the worst teams. We always played good enough.

As an adult I now understand that he was trying to get us to perform at our highest level at all time. He wanted us to fulfill our potential. But, as a kid I lacked the perspective to make such a statement. My solution as a 13 year old boy was a simple one: get better competition. If he wanted us to play better, he should get us better competition.

Today, I still agree with my coach, we should give our best regardless of our surroundings. But I also know that most people don’t focus on being great, they focus on being good enough. If we barely beat the other guy, that’s good enough. We beat our chest and say “oh well, a win is a win”. If this sounds like you, I’d take the advice of my 13 year old self. Get better competition.

Surround yourself with people who will push you and challenge you and stretch you. If you want to be better, put yourself in an environment where hat forces you to compete at a higher level.


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