Be Who You Are, Not Who You Want To Be

One of the easiest traps to fall into as someone who is still developing is trying to become something that you’re not. When I was in high school as a freshman I played football and basketball. I really wasn’t that interested in playing football but I needed something to do to stay in shape for basketball season. At the end of football season the varsity coach picked three players for the freshman team to move up and dress for the varsity team. I was one of the three selected.

Later that year during basketball season I was demoted from a starter, to a 2nd string player, to a B team player. All of my teammates would tell me that I was far better than a B team player. I even dunked on our assistant basketball coach during a scrimmage in practice (that probably didn’t help looking back on it). But, there I sat on the bench game after game.

The next football season I was starting on varsity as a Sophomore. I started to receive letters from schools around the country about me potentially playing football there. Because I wasn’t passionate about football I threw every letter away. Yes, you read that right. I would take the letter out of the mailbox, read it and then through it in the trash. It was no surprise that when it came time to pick a college I didn’t have many options.

I only thought about what I wanted to be good at and never saw what I was already good at. It didn’t dawn on me that I went to the best basketball school in the state and I was a 5’ 10” small forward. All I could see is what I wanted to be.

The same thing happens to us in life. There are signs all around you of what you’re good at and what you should be but you’re too busy fighting for what you want to be. Trust me, you could go a lot further focusing on what you’re already good at instead of trying to force something that will never happen.