A Watched Pot

A Watched Pot

How to stay inspired

“A watched pot never boils”, my grandmother would say. She would normally tell me this when my patience (and probably hers) was wearing thin growing tired of looking for something that hadn’t come yet.

Today this reminds me of a few things. Firstly, it reminds me of myself, waiting on a package from Amazon. I’ve found myself checking the app and the tracking number and looking out of he window and opening the front door to check the porch. All of that to find NOTHING! Then, when I finally leave home I get an alert, “Your package has arrived!”

This also reminds me of inspiration. Inspiration is rarely found when you go and look for it. Inspiration normally comes, for me, when I’m not looking for it. Even when I’m writing for my blog, if I stop and say “I’m going to write a great blog”, it normally doesn’t happen.

So how do I stay inspired? By living, learning, experiencing and staying open. Through living my life, learning about new people, places and things, new experiences and staying open inspiration always finds me. So my advice to you is this: Create the environment to be inspired and then live until it comes to you.