5 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Sales Job

Are you tired of your current sales job and ready to quit? Have you been struggling to perform and don’t think you can make it? Did the company make a dumb decision that has you upset? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you.

Do you have another job?

Whenever I hear a salesperson saying that they’re going to quit their job I ask them, “Really? Where are you going?!” and the normal respond is “I don’t know but I need to get out of here!” Unfortunately, “Out of here” does not pay the bills. Before leaving any sales job or any job period for that matter, you need to have a plan b. If you absolutely must leave the first option should be to find another place to go to work.

Your second option would be to live off your savings until you find another job but let’s face it…you don’t have a savings. Not a sufficient one. Most sales people think that they can out earn their spending habits. “A budget? That’s for people who can’t sell. If I need more money I just go out and make it!” I know, I use to say the same thing, it’s not true. Before you quit your job, consider your other opportunities.


Is it a great company?

Before quitting your job, you should ask yourself is this a great company? In the grand scheme of things do the good things outweigh the bad? Every company has something they’re doing that not everyone agrees with. Is that issue big enough for you to jump ship? Or, is it worth sticking around because of all the other great benefits. If the company has great benefits, great pay and opportunities for growth I would think twice before I decided to leave.


Have you used all the internal sales resources?

What resources are available to you that you haven’t taken advantage of yet? Are there company sponsored trainings that you could be attending? Is there a veteran sales person that would be willing to mentor you or at least allow you to shadow them? Will the company pay for you to better yourself and increase you job skills and personal skills? I would ensure that I am utilizing every resource available that will help me increase my performance and increase my earnings before I think about quitting.

Have you used all external sales resources?

Are you invested in your own personal growth and development? In the past month how much money have you spent on trying to get better at your job? I know you might be thinking how can I afford to pay for more resources when I’m already struggling to get better. I would argue that you can’t afford not to invest into yourself! Investing in a book, an online course, a sales coach and consultant could bring the biggest and the fastest ROI to your sales career. Learning new techniques and strategies that you can immediately implement will prove to be invaluable. In fact, click here if you want me to give you any free sales advice about your situation.


Have you discussed quitting your sales job with your leader?

Lastly, have you expressed how close you are to quitting to your leader or anybody on the leadership team? Maybe there is something that can easily be explained or some type of miscommunication. Maybe they can connect you with some of those internal resources we discussed earlier.


In short, there are a lot of things you should consider before quitting your sales job. The worst thing you could do is walk away from an opportunity only to realize that the sales grass is not greener on the side. I would advise you to exhaust all the options above and then make the best decision for your family.