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Why Attention is The Best Currency

If you were to walk into your local Best Buy 5 years ago and purchase a 60′ flat screen tv...

Is The CEO of Your Company Still Partying Like It’s 2007?

Brand recognition, public customer service, display of consumer experience, free marketing, direct to consumer advertising, direct to consumer sales, high...

Even Grandma Is Doing It!

Even Grandma Is Doing It!

Do you remember saying as a kid, “but mom, everybody else is doing it!” That didn’t work as a kid...

Start Now!

Start Now!

  If you’re a Business person, an Entrepreneur, a Hustler, this message is for you! Whatever you’re waiting until next...

My First Hustle

We all started somewhere. For me it was selling candy in school. Yes, before I sold sales training or staffing...

What’s Your Motivation?

  I’ll be honest with you, sales is a rough game. The art of closing deals is not for everybody....

Purpose Doesn’t Need Permission

“And they immediately left their ship and their father, and followed him.”  – Matthew 4:22   One of my favorite...

Why I Give Away Paid Info for Free!

Why I Give Away Paid Info for Free!

         Every since I started selling coaching services online I’ve had several people tell me that I...

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