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How Much Can You Withdraw From A Bank Account?

How Much Can You Withdraw From A Bank Account?

How much money can you withdraw from a bank account? I’ll give you the answer to that riddle later. When...

The Party House

The Party House

  I used to think our house was the party house. You could barely hear the bubbling of the pot...

When Will You Start

Sometimes we are too smart for our own productivity. We have gotten very clever about our procrastination. We come up...

Think BIG

Think BIG If you think you can’t, you most certainly can not. If you think you won’t, you never will....

The Trap of External Validation

When we need to make a big life decision we often look for external sources to validate our thinking. We...

A Treasure Worth Chasing

While attending a farewell lunch this week for a friend who was leaving our company I found myself deep in...

Please Don’t Move My Mountain

When I was a kid my favorite video game was Sonic the Hedgehog (Mario works too for this story). While...

Leadership Starts at Home

Leadership Starts at Home When raising children it’s easy to get caught up in short term teaching. “Don’t do that!”...

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