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Tony R Sanders

My story is simple. I’ve worked in sales for the last 17 years. During that time I sold several products for my own businesses and large Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations. I’ve sold jewelry, used cars, and salvaged car titles. Vacation packages, timeshares and time share exchange programs. MLM products, electronics, janitorial supplies and services, car tires, online advertising and even Sam’s Club memberships.

No matter what the product I was selling there was always an amazing rush that happens when I closed a deal. Unlike other addictions, the feeling is just as amazing now as it was the very first time when I sold an advertising company on me starring in their commercial. Over the years I’ve learned that the only thing I love more than closing deals is helping others close deals.

So, here am I on the “internets” sharing my thoughts, ideas and practices all about sales, business and other stories of my life. I hope that enjoy the information I share here and I hope that you send me a comment to continue the conversation.

I also provide 1:1 sales coaching that will increase your sales in 90 days or less! You can ask me your sales questions here for free and I will respond within 24 hours. If you have a general inquiry or question please use the contact form below!

I’ll see ya soon!

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